The University of Southern Mississippi


As members of the fraternity/sorority community, Alpha Delta Pi is proud to welcome those who want to enhance their college experience as part of something bigger. We select and maintain membership on the basis of scholarship, leadership, commitment, and service to the work of the sorority, the university, and the community. Alpha Delta Pi actively encourages a membership which represents a diverse population and does not discriminate in membership selection procedures. Come home to Alpha Delta Pi and find women who are true and loyal, just like our blue and white colors represent. ADPi sisters are leaders and visionaries. We are SGA senators, artists, student athletes, and scholars. We are committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards, and social responsibility. We committed to those when we established the first secret society for collegiate women in 1851 at the first university chartered to grant degrees to women. We are committed to them still today.

Are you interested in joining Alpha Delta Pi at Southern Miss? Our members are beyond excited to meet you! Alpha Delta Pi provides a rewarding membership experience that lasts well beyond university years. With opportunities to meet lifelong friends, develop leadership skills, and expand horizons, ADPi membership will impact a young woman’s life beyond her expectations.

Primary Recruitment at Southern Miss: 

  • Open House
    • Open House is the first round of recruitment. On this day, you will get to talk to some of our sisters and learn what being a member of Alpha Delta Pi means to them!
  • Philanthropy
    • The second round of recruitment, Philanthropy, occurs over one day. In this round, you will get to learn about how we as Alpha Delta Pi are committed to serving those in need. You will hear about our philanthropy — The Ronald McDonald House Charities — as well as other service and volunteer work that we are involved in around the Hattiesburg community.
  • Sisterhood
    • On sisterhood day, you will get the opportunity to experience the beautiful bonds that we have as sisters. Being a part of an uplifting and strong group of girls is at the heart of who we are, and we cannot wait to show you why Alpha Delta Pi’s sisterhood is so special to us.
  • Preference
    • As the last round of recruitment, we get to share with you why we ran home to Alpha Delta Pi and why we choose ADPi every single day. We get to share with you why this sisterhood makes us feel at home and all of the strong qualities that our women have to offer. We live for each other, and for Alpha Delta Pi.
  • Bid Day!
    • Boom Boom! You will be receiving a bid from the Eta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! Get ready to have fun, dance, sing, and so much more on this exciting day. Over the next four years, you will get to know all of your new sisters, who will become your family for the rest of your life. No matter how far, you will now always have a sister wherever you are!

Continuous Open Bidding (COB)

COB looks very different from primary recruitment. It is more informal, and you are not required to attend every event! Through a series of informal events such as game nights, keychain making, canvas painting, and potlucks, you will be able to get to know more of our sisters, and these events may even give you some insight into what being part of our sisterhood is like! During COB, the sorority will contact you directly to extend you a bid.

For more recruitment information, please contact!

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